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Bellaire Puritas

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Evolution of a Drive. Taken June, 2009

Kai Haaskivi

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


If you grew up in Cleveland in the 1980s and you frequented a recreation center you were probably going to play flag football or soccer.  At my recreation center, soccer was the game and if you took the city championship for your neighborhood you were treated to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus and tickets to see the Cleveland Force.

Most of the kids on my team were not really big soccer fans, it was all about football. Nevertheless Black, Hispanic, Indian, and White kids all played soccer together to kill time and rep their center. The one thing that all the races could definitely agree on about soccer, was that Kai Haaskivi was a bad ass.

Haaskivi was the Finnish star of the Cleveland Force, later the Cleveland Crunch from 1982-1993 (left for a short stint in Baltimore). In 1986 whenever anyone scored a goal on my team we would all congratulate each other by screaming nice goal Haaskivi. This same year was pretty much when I peaked as an athlete, when my center took home the city championship. Above is the amazing trophy we all received from sponsor Kaiser Permanente.

After our big victory we were all treated to a big German dinner and then the team drove to Richfield Coliseum in a Cleveland Recreation van to watch master Kai in action. Kudos to the most famous Finnish guy in Cleveland history for making some local kids happy for a day.

Fan Fade

Monday, November 14th, 2011


End of the Season-November 13, 2011

When Ninja’s 1991 classic is played pregame … we will end our season in something other than shame.

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Marion Motley’s Bar

Monday, November 7th, 2011


We sure could use a Marion Motley right now.

Source: Cleveland Call and Post
January 12, 1952

Cleveland Mean Muggin’ (CMM)

Thursday, May 12th, 2011


Cleveland is not known for smiling faces, it is mean mugging that we do best. Trying to pin down the origin of Cleveland Mean Muggin’ (CMM) is a very difficult thing to do.

Popular media attributes the cause of our perceived ill-disposition to burning rivers, sports teams, and economic failure however; Cleveland SGS believes that such trivial things have little to do with who we are and how we came to be.

CMM is an intentionally misleading mask, locally designed and perfected for maximum impact. It was believed that a mean mug protected our inner pearl from molestation by outsiders. Overtime our meanness became less of performance and more of a way of being. Today we are at a crossroad, either we fully embrace The Way of the Cobra or succumb to the Will of the Kings.

The picture above* was taken in the Five Points area sometime between David W. Deaton and Avalon Rd.

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* Image courtesy of Nora P. Tweety

Sportsmen Barber Shop

Thursday, May 5th, 2011


As you already know, ClevelandSGS gets excited when others shake their head in disapproval. In the piece above the SGS resident artist Chico,  formerly known as Jupiter Cool, finds inspiration in one of the Den’s favorite signage spots in the city. For it is tapered cuts and getting faded that remind us of the One who can turn venom into nectar.

9222 Madison Ave.
Cleveland, OH


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Cleveland Browns (Basketball)

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Usually when the Cleveland Browns have a Monday night home game there is a certain energy downtown.  This is the first time that I can remember where true die hard football fans have no energy to even fake it. This newly formed franchise which is going on its second decade still has yet to give Clevelanders any team, hell any player to cheer for.

SGS found this scan and thought that since Lebron and the gang seem to have the city’s attention that the Browns should take notice of our scan and try their hand at Basketball. This ad for a charity game with Cleveland legends; Groza, Lavelli, and Motley was found in a March, 1947 Call in Post edition.


Saturday, December 20th, 2008


Currently the Cleveland Cavaliers record is 22-4.  It is difficult as a Cleveland sports fan not to get excited about a  team of ours that is dominating everyone they play.  Yet, as we all know Cle teams have a propensity to never seal the deal. ClevelandSGS hopes our intrepid basketball squad somehow finds a way to bring home a championship for the fans this season.  The scan above is from the last time a professional basketball team in our town brought home a crown(1929). Our team name from 1925-1931 was the Cleveland Rosenblums.  SGS hopes that on this 80th anniversary of our last championship that the Cavs celebrate it by ending this drought. 


Thursday, December 4th, 2008


Recently SGS was thumbing through the great now out of print book Cleveland’s Greatest Fighters of All Time by Jerry Fitch, these stories led us to read about a little known Cleveland boxer named Harold Carter. Carter was known in the boxing world as an “opponent”, a fighter who was deliberately matched against bigger and more experienced boxers(aka punching bag).  During Harold’s career he fought five world champions. Although his overall record(22-48-4) does not seem to be impressive he is held in high regards by pugilistic critics. For a breakdown of Harold’s career in the ring, check out this link.  Unfortunately Harold’s career was cut short when he was shot to death in his driveway on Friday, March 16, 1979. SGS searched in vain for any additional information about this story but came up empty.  If anyone has any information on Harold Carter, please drop us an email.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2008


In an effort to mine all things Cleveland the SGS crew scanned this image(cover) from the 1920 World Series program (Brooklyn version).  Any serious baseball fan knows that the Tribe won the World Series in 1920, and fielded one of the fiercest teams in World Series history.  During the 1920 season the Indians lost their starting shortstop Ray Chapman, who died when he was hit in the head by a pitch thrown by submariner Carl Mays.  Like a script from a too good to believe movie the team actually rallied after this tragedy to go on to eventually win it all.  Special thanks to the Sparrow for initially regaling us with this story and for his loan of this prized possession.