This is a picture of the Cleveland Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The club is buried in the St. Clair-Superior Neighborhood.  For a couple of other Hells Angels pics we shot click here.

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  1. greg kovarbasich says:

    ive always wanted to join the club,but i dont know how to

  2. greg kovarbasich says:

    write me back at kovargreg@yahoo.com

  3. admin says:


    We only admire the organization for their charitable works, and know nothing of their admissions policy.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. chuck says:

    so i just moved out here to ohio in 07 was living in So.calif, fontana and in bloomington calif, would go and see some of the bro’s in berdoo. now im here i dont know any good brother so are you going to be having a summer bash this year and if so when and were?
    L and R chuck always will suport the 81

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are a wonderful group of men. Why, one of them even murdered my sister in law! Fucking cowards

  6. Russ says:


  7. John says:

    hey anonymous maybe your sister in law should have swallowed

  8. heather says:

    I was born and raised in cleveland and know right where the house is,, when i was younger the always kept there eyes open for the young kids in the neighborhood, sorta for lack of a better term watched our backs!! nobody was ever scared on that street.. great bunch of guys! say what u like about the “kind of people they are” but I will always be thankfull i grew up near their clubhouse… thanks guys!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    if you have to ask then move along

  10. Chuck C says:

    My Mother moved out to the San Berdoo,California area many years ago..Mom was losing her sight slowly..As she got on in years,the gentleman across the street would help her in anyway he could…lawn care..Store trip..anything he could do…
    When i went for a visit,i had the opportunity to thank him for all he had done…done without expecting anything in return..
    Shared a beer…he laughed at my Yamaha..(I ‘ve since come to my senses and have a Wideglide now)….one helluva great guy…
    Brought Mom home to take care of her in her remaining years…
    Wherever you are, Buddy Cagle,of the Hells Angels Berdoo chapter,you will never know how your acts of kindness have led me to try to change the thoughts of a lot of ignorant people who believe only the negative media…

  11. Anonymous says:

    What is the address of this clubhouse? I would love to take some pictures!

  12. Cleveland SGS says:

    Not really sure what the address is. You can find it without one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What is the area?

  14. Cleveland SGS says:

    St. Clair/Superior

  15. chuck says:

    chuck C so you know buddy i take it im from fontana, IE bloomington calif. Medical center Dr. Berdoo. So im now here in Ohio also. We know the same bros i think

    lil chuck

  16. I miss bud too! But I also miss sir grubbith my extra fav my uncle lil dee don’t forget my uncle gl it seems we’ve lost some good family members how time flys my dads retired he’s getting to be an ol timer but I grew up on a harley alwa)s be in my blood love you uncle ralph(sonny)

  17. james says:

    old friend from west portsmith says hey

  18. james says:

    old friend from west portsmith says hey i havent seen any of you since 1969 hope your members from slab run are still alive and well

    carlyn canpble’s lil brother bill columbus ohio

  19. Anonymous says:

    clubhouse on edna / 67th ave

  20. Mark says:

    I remember way back when, I guess it was probably 1979, maybe close to 80 & I was going through a hard time ( money wise ) & I was living in my car an old Chevy station wagon & I had a buddy who worked at a Sunoco station & he was tight with some of the Cleveland chapter & I remember when Whitey died & my buddy seemed in a daze. He said “Whitey’s dead I can’t believe it, everything & everyone he knew, all his experiences, just erased”. It really made me wish I’d had the chance to know him he must have been an incredible dude.

  21. schmuckster says:

    ride to live….live to ride……..stay safe brothers

  22. Aaron says:

    If anyone knows the actual address to this clubhouse that would be amazing. So please tell me. I Strongly wish to join.

  23. Jenjenny says:

    Hello and thank you.


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    Jennifer Freeh ***

  24. Chuck C says:

    A word of advice to Aaron…
    Want the address so you can join?
    Do you really think there is an application form?
    Think long and hard before you try to knock on the door….

  25. Rocke Harris says:

    I grew up in Fontana CA. My dad had a drug store. Anyone reading this who lived in Fontana 1962 to 86 would know the place. Buddy Cagle was a friend of mine. I have to laugh,,,when I would go pick him up to cruze. I would park in front of his uncles (crazy Wayne) house. Wayne did not like people parking in front of his house. He would stone the front window of any care in front of the house. Buddy and some of our friends, spent many days and nights,,,parting at Deep Creek hot springs in Hesperia CA. The last time I saw Buddy was the day he got hit by a car in a intersection. I left Calif in 1973. I have always wanted to know what happened to Buddy. Any one know anything,,, please let me know. Aloha…. RockeHarris@yahoo.com

  26. teresa says:

    hey whats up! im looking for a guy by the name of gypsie he should be about 60 or older that rides ith the hells angels my mom use to ride with them back in the late sixties make a long story short he has a son named mike that he doesnt no about my mom kelp it a secert until my aunt told me in the ninties ive been looking for him me and my brother found each other but lost touch i no he lives in cleveland but im looking for gypsie i want to no him since my mom didnt tell him he had a son she died in 1997 anwsers about you gypies are uncleared why didnt she tell you that you would be a father my dad says because she left with him growing up i heard alot about you from my mom because of the life style i was living we couldnt talk about you around my dad because he would get upset because of how things ended up with you guys over my mom i would like you to call me i live in maryland and if helen is still alive shes a girl member tell her that my grandmom died a few years ago her name is anna anties she also road with you guys you please call me 443-597-3596 your son is looking for you to so is your granddaughter thats how they found me looking for you!

  27. Anonymous says:

    E. 67th st/ Edna ave

  28. dani from canton says:

    proud supporter…if ever in canton look me up. im that mean little fuck on a sporty with monky bars that acts like an ass in traffic. would love to party with ya.

  29. Anonymous says:

    would like to find a way to meet with the ha in cleveland. any ideas? thanks

  30. Paul 'Zinger says:

    Erie Pa. Saw a couple of members of Hell’s Angels, Cleveland, Ohio enjoying my favorite summer place, Rumrunners on Erie’s bay.

  31. Sheshe from Cleveland says:

    Will the Cleveland HA be having events or a poker run like Lake East does?
    If so, when is it? I would like to support the events…


  33. al says:

    wow ,the shit people say in public,where is your manners?i was almost in a club.the local 47 on the east side, and they suddenly shut down. it sucked.i ride alone now.moved to medina to get off of broadway.to dark over there.

  34. Nancy says:

    I’m researching the shooting death of Cleveland Hell’s Angel James M. “Beetle” Bailey on August 12, 1975 on I-80 near Colfax, Iowa, while he was traveling to the Sturgis Rally with Paul Phlemon and Richard Vessy. Our website posts case summaries of unsolved Iowa murders to tell the victims’ stories and to solicit tips and information that may lead to justice for the victims. I am particularly interested in having a photograph of James Bailey for our site. And I would welcome any details about the death as well. Newspapers of the time said he was a member of the Dirty 30 Club. His tombstone carries the Hell’s Angels insignia.

  35. Nancy says:

    I’m researching the shooting death of Cleveland Hell’s Angel James M. “Beetle” Bailey on August 12, 1975 on I-80 near Colfax, Iowa, while he was traveling to the Sturgis Rally with Paul Phlemon and Richard Vessy. Our website posts case summaries of unsolved Iowa murders to tell the victims’ stories and to solicit tips and information that may lead to justice for the victims. I am particularly interested in having a photograph of James Bailey for our site. And I would welcome any details about the death as well. Newspapers of the time said he was a member of the Dirty 30 Club. His tombstone carries the Hell’s Angels insignia.

  36. 666 says:

    I’m currently in Ohio and so looking forward to meet with brothers.
    Known associated

  37. Anonymous says:

    Not real sure I should leave this here or not…! But if I don’t leave it somewhere then I will never know. I’m looking for my brother Spider, went on vacation most of the 90s in Ohio. He is 49yrs. old. I’m not a 10yr. old little girl anymore…I can run with the big dogs! I need to get in touch with him. I am not asking for anything from him, just a relationship, or just to see him. I mean relationship, like sister brother thing!?!
    Thank you all, I will check back periodically to check!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ok he was in Chillicocthe OH through the 90’s. Please if anyone has seen him or is talking to him or knows ANYTHING!!! Please post here or email me @ lady_luvs_harleys069@yahoo.com

    Thank you all sooooo much

  39. ray allen says:

    personally in the last 22 years i managed 3 upscale stripclubs in the cleveland area and had the chance to meet a few angels 1 prez even did ink work on me, around 99″ anyway they were the most laid back guys i met….don,t get me wrong if you were stupid and stepped in there face, you won,t forget it, but they were more in control than the 24 year old college kids in his frat party in the club…ride safe bros!


  40. CAROL says:


  41. blacksatinHDrider says:

    You guys fucking rock! I can’t believe I grew up under your noses. Still live here and back in my element. Now am aware. See you at next run.
    ride safe, peace

  42. joe tv says:

    Been coming around for years & always wanted to be apart of this close knit family. I had a slim chance when my friend who was close to the club WILD Bill MARCHETTI passed away. WE became close and was starting to bring me around a little at time. I KNOW I HAVE IT IN ME BUT WITHOUT A SPONSOR NO CHANCE. Timing is everything . WITH RESPECT JOE TV

  43. STROKER says:

    You brothers are the best stay that way love you you brother stroker from Chagrin Falls

  44. kt says:

    lived in that neighborhood in the 80’s. wasn’t the greatest ‘hood then, or now, i hear. i used to see the “81” riding all over the place b/t e. 185 and e. 152. funny, of all the shit that happened in the neighborhood, the cops did little to make you feel safe. just knowing the HA was around…that did it. thx, guys.

  45. A Buddy says:

    Frist of all i love 81 all the way from ZooYork to Cali,, All i hear is the fuckin outlaws are opening a club house in Chardon. i’ve been to Chillicothe a couple times, why do the outlaws have a hole fuckin street, i also watched 3 or 4 people with Support Your 81 shirt’s get ripped off of them and one kid got he’s ass kicked..!! Fuck that if them fuck’s are there no more for me..!! 81 forever forever 81…!!!!

  46. Karen says:

    Hi does the Lake East HA have a website? I’m trying to find out about an accident and how Roy Butzer is doing. I would like to help out but couldn’t make the fundraiser. Don’t know how to get a hold of anyone. Also, I’d like to help with the Cleveland HA toy party. I’ll call to get info and drop off toys, can’t make that party either. Sick with incurable cancer and can’t around too well. Ride safe everyone.

  47. frog says:

    Is the club house open too long wolf .I would like to know how to patch over or can i stop by and get more info . I do ride most of the time.

  48. Mike says:

    I remember when I was a kid, I used to go up on the hill, just outside of Ivydale, a small town where I grew up in Clay, Co. WV and go to the cemetary behind this little mountain church where there was 1 head stone that could not be missed, it was the biggest one in the cemetary, and it belonged to an HA member, I believe he was the VP of the Cleveland Chapter, I dont remember his name but his nick name was Whitey. His last name was White…I remember even as a kid, I used to clear sticks and leaves off his grave out of respect, every time I went there, I would read the writing on his stone, I wish I could remember what it said, it was some type of creed or something…I used to just go up there and sit, sometimes for hours, usually went there to sneak a few beers or a few hits off a bowl, i remember i used to pour the first drink right at the base of his stone like i was giving him a drink. Seems like so long ago, I was a kid, i mean a young kid, but at that time, it seemed liike he and I were friends! I know, sounds wierd, but…what can I say, I never met the guy when he was alive but we spent alot of time together! I used to dream about what it would be like to wear the HA patch, man, I wanted to wear that patch more than anything! I had mad respect and knew nothing about the club…Now, I am much older, 35, been through a tour in Iraq, a divorce, was homeless for a while when i came home from Iraq, dont really speak much with any of my family, life just got more complicated, as it usually does when you get older and now I live in Florida and I have often thought back to the time I spent hanging out with the best friend I never knew, The HA member named “Whitey”…Heres to you Whitey…

  49. Jeannie says:

    This is a reply to Rocke Harris blog back in March of 2010. You asked if anyone knows about Buddy Cagle out of Berdoo. I am sorry to tell you that my Uncle Buddy passed away about 8 years ago at his home in Cali. My Grampa GL Cagle, Buds dad, passed away a couple years after from parkinsons disease. Anyway just wanted to let you know.

  50. a buddy says:

    will some one tell me why the outlaws are running Chillicothie and trying to put up a club house in Chardon O.H …???? what can i do to help stop them….know alot of people that don’t want that to happen

  51. support 81 says:

    karen, Roy is doing good seen him at rebuild Roy’s leg fundraiser …Good time ,i was gald to see him!!!!!

  52. Sad Memory says:

    My brother in law Sir Grubbith…Ran across his funeral announcement the other day. He is burried next to several other brothers his mom and my mom. Glenn was a good man, kind and sweet. He never got to see his son who was born a week after his untimely death. So sad to think how much time has passed with out him.
    We talk of him often and miss him much.

  53. victor archer says:

    I grew in the projects on est200 in Euclid Oh. I knew some of the cleve. club
    when they were animals…and cycle syndicate…since a young boy i had a yen to build my own stroker from the ground up and often saw the club riding
    west on rt.2…went to school with a few of the guys also…was close with JW
    for a brief time before he passed. He was married to one of the neighborhood
    girls that was like a sister to me. KY and i wanted the same women for some time. when he was done with her…she and i hung out for a while. KY and i were alright too…last time i saw ken was at some todo when sonny came to town to sign books. All in all the cleve. guys are ok…and old men like me… the ones i knew. I know longer desire to emulate the club thing.
    but cant judge them either…it was a wild ride back then…a different time.
    And i,ve seen my share of of what is and what is not. And you pimply kids out there that want to be part of what an HA is…well…there,s truly more to life and id give life a second chance if you know what i mean. good luck
    and i hope you find the right road.

  54. LESF sis says:

    when i hear ‘cleveland hell’s angels’ i think of my brother’s good friend pat m. from erie, pa…he rode in for a funeral this summer ’09…hadn’t seen him in forever…seemed like no time had passed at all…

  55. joe tv says:

    b een cominig to the functions for awhil. wild Billl marchetti introduced me . He took a liking to me i ask him if he could talk to kevin for me & he said he was goinig to becuz he had major trust for me. then he passed before this cud be arranged. wut fuked it up was a fight at the Bad boys club wen 40 cops jumped a few angels billy got clubbed from behind.Of course u dont hear that . the few still fuked the 40 fuzz bastards. well with all respect. BIG JOE TV

  56. chris says:

    thanks for your support and donations to the f.r.m.f.

  57. Jeniveve says:

    My father says that he is an ex-Hells Angel… I was wondering if there is any way of getting out of a lifestyle like this one except for retiring out. I understand that it is great deal to become one with the Hells Angels… but how is one to get out with clubs permission…?

  58. jeff r. says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been gone a while, never a member but was great friends with Keith Orgavan. Havent seen him in years. he always wanted me to join but i just traveled to much. Anyway, how the hell has he been, would love to get in Touch with him.

  59. WALT says:

    Karen saw ROY, at the Cleveland St Patricks Day party last week…he has a prostetic leg on and is walking on crutches…spirits are good…which is half the battle, I will be seeing him this Saturday 3/26 at the Lake East Cabin Fever Party..I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the saddle this season

  60. JOE says:

    I gre up on Hecker ave. Went to St Francic. I live in Az now. I was also the paper boy on that street where the club house was. I remember many Angels lived on that street. I do not remember the names. Bit Jeff kramer comes to mind. Always road his bike up and down Bonna St. I was the paper boy 1975. The angels always gave me good tips I remember. They kept the area safe when it was not safe.

  61. larry parks says:

    how do you get into the biker gang leave me a message to let me know how i can get involved with you guys i am fixing to buy me a motor cycle here next week i live in kentucky

  62. Great time at the clubhouse,blessing.love to ride in Cleveland. My husband Dave & pat went to school together in Erie, pa. The after party everything we expected. Great food ….Hot weather…. cold beer.. good people!! We were the lucky couple to win frizzys. Artwork the man. talented……..no doubt!!!!!! Thanks pat for the 2 stickers. These ones best not get ripped off my van or bike they punk ass beasons..good targets.they say even the females are no….good!!!!!!!! Well live good ride hard &god bless 81 take care, Dave mt.& Lori mt. See you next run!!!! Cleveland does truly. R o c k !!!!!!!

  63. billy mccasland says:

    read chuck C’s comment (sept 10, 2009) about his mom being in berdoo. i’m not in ohio or rialto anymore for that matter, but have known buddy since we were 6th graders at preston elementary. just wanted to say you described to a tee the buddy i grew up goin fishing and raising hell with. for me, rialto, berdoo, crestline, lake arrowhead village, north arrowhead campgrounds, deep fork creek, and even the orange show, all have his stamp on em. i don’t know your mom chuck, but her and i have one thing in common….the good fortune of having known buddy. i hope alls well in ohio and thanks from oklahoma.

  64. David LOST BOYZ CLE PREZ says:

    I attended the HA bleessing of the bikes and the Lake east poker run good riding and lots of fun. I would like to attend the prison run on july 16 2011. Can you please send me information where does it take place and the hour. your club does great charitable works and I would like to keep up the support. Thank you. my regards to gosse and kong.

  65. Kim P. says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with comments posted by Heather on June 23, ’09. I used to own a video store next door to Tino’s in the ’80’s and the Angels were nothing but nice to me and helped protect our neighborhood and playgrounds. When some people tried to give me a hard time once in my store, I knew I had their full support and I always appreciated that. I also enjoyed watching some of the skankier women in the bar get into fights over them. Always good live entertainment. LOL

  66. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if anyone knows about this design contest going on.

    Be sure enter your retro-reflective design in the Respect the Road—Reflect Yourself Contest. WMMS’s Alan Cox will be on hand to judge your best designs at Bike Night this Wednesday, July 13th. Stop by Quaker Steak & Lube in Valley View to pick up your materials. Prizes include: full face helmet, gift cards, concert tickets and motorcycle gear. Visit WMMS.com, keyword “motorcycle” for official rules and regulations. Good luck! This contest is sponsored by 3M, Quaker Steak & Lube, WMMS, State Farm and the Cuyahoga County Safe Communities Coalition.

    I hope everyone has a safe weekend!

  67. chucks A says:

    sorry about buddy, but lets not forget kenny B, and dale F. berdoo.

  68. admin says:

    Kim P. I remember taking out videos from Tino’s. Good memories of Bad Films.

  69. Anonymous says:

    The easiest way to meet HA’s is to start cooking meth.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Fuck a chickenhead bitch till the feathers fall off

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  72. Croman says:

    I remember back in the day when the Angels where on 43rd street and Superior they had a motorcycle store and they would ride up and down the streets. My neighbor was a HA “Tennis” I grew up with his brother Chris Brooks and I lost contact with him. If anybody knows where Chris is shoot me a text. Just tell him its his Croation neighbor looking for him.

  73. DeeDee says:

    They have a nice club house about 35 miles east of Cleveland in Perry Ohio. I think Its called the Lake County Charter it’s on North Ridge Road. Nice bar directly across the road. Quite area in the winter, but the summer rocks. A nice putt in the summer from Cleveland.
    For anyone who wants to meet, there’s a bar called ANNIE”s on Geneva on the Lake were they hang out in the summer months. They have the spring Louis’ Run.

  74. DeeDee says:

    You have to be sponsored in by a full member and it takes a few years to get your colors. If you can keep your mouth shut and attend their closed weekly meetings……….

  75. J. R. VNV M/C 1983-1988 says:

    12 Nov 2011 ( Scotty Blackburn )

    Just heard today..My true condolences to his family and friends and of course to his “Brothers” on his passing… Just to say I always considered and he of me ” friends “… again sincere condolence..

    Ride Hard

  76. J. R. VNV M/C 1983-1988 says:

    sorry about the wrong date post…

  77. ????????????????????? says:


    […]clevelandsgs.com » Blog Archive » HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB[…]…

  78. irishfuk05 says:

    Who the fuck asks if they can become involved. If you have to ask brother you ain’t fit….God bless 81 may the wind be in your face as the rest try to keep pace.


  79. Eddie Gracia says:

    With all respect, my name is Eddie and I did time with Mark Verdi. I’d like to know how he is and how to get untouched with him.
    Greatly appreciated

  80. lisa says:

    Does anyone know a cat named ziggy runs around youngstown says hes a full patch HA BUT NEVER FLIES HIS PATCHES just want to make sure hes Not inpersonating if hes not a member i can hand him over to you

  81. LOS says:


  82. terry bricker says:

    hey fuckers. you get my drawing from coleman fci. my buddy ron had me draw it for ya all. says it hangs at the clubhouse. havent heard from ronnie but im sure hes out by now. unless he snapped again. anyway id like to know my drawing is in the right place. took 3 weeks to get it perfect!!!

  83. bobo says:


  84. EDINGTON says:

    As for being Android angel it first must be in your blood.

  85. EDINGTON says:




  86. EDINGTON says:



  87. Great post, thank you for this infos. Continue.

  88. big john says:

    we are a couple of of good people with 2 young kids but we have this propblem that has come fourth and need some help my wife sold a truck to a color guy and the guy wants to spin her and tell her stories of why he cant pay the rest of the money she has a contract with him and he said that he would pay her but this has been going on for 2 months and he has not gave her nothing. and i cant do anything cause i have a bad back from a auto accident. so im looking for some guys (HA’s) to help my wife collect the money that is owed. my family knows a couple of the ha’s one of them is named Dave Dello and the other one is Bobby which this guy was i the old mansfield prison ( with my dad in the mid 60’s ) and Bobby was in orwell ohio weds. may 2nd but all these people were at a funeral and i didnt want to disrepect them so this is why im writting this incase some one from the ha’s reads this they will contact me. im in mentor at a hotel by sams club please help this guy that owes her keeps saying that he has a THUG side to him and he keeps saying disrespectfull thing to her and if i go to do something to him i could turn wrong or something and end up a veggy. so please dont think that i cant handle mines cause 9 months ago i would have met this guy and would have broke his knee caps but now im limited (sorry) it was not my fault

  89. Sara says:

    Im looking for a club called “executioners” out of Cleveland, specifically looking for a guy named Ko Ko. Anyone know of him?

  90. Main Line Homes…

    […]clevelandsgs.com » Blog Archive » HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB[…]…

  91. slapstickHD says:

    Can I get HA permission
    to piss on my neighbors
    Tied of his running my
    Harley down!

    Last year I thru his
    Yamaha in his swimming pool
    But it didn’t shut his

  92. John Kelly says:

    Did some time with Tommy Padivick in the late 80’s down in Marion.He hung him self when i was there. Bart Margroff was there then also. he’s in Grafton now acting like he never had his body against them young boy’s…Cuz he don’t want guys like Steve Yee, and Ronnie Starks knowing what a creepy dude he is. Mark Verdi don’t know either. What a feakin crew…The gang that couldn’t kill the right guy,the guy that couldn’t do his time, and the creepy old wanna be…You guys keep pushin your trash and acting like local hero’s. The real gangsters need you meatheads to take the heat off of us. Dicks

  93. Kitty says:

    Looking for a guy by the name of Ronnie Capristo. He did time at Coleman FCI and finished up in the Ohio DOC-Lake Erie Dec. 2011. He was a really good friend to me and I miss that. Would really love to know he’s ok and even better would be to hear from him. I moved from Iowa to South Carolina and he doesn’t have any way of knowing it. Thanks if anyone can help out!

  94. Wannabe81 says:

    You want to start a ricer club with a bunch of jap bikes in ashtabula? Go fuck yourself in your ass with that garbage. Every Jap bike rider is a wanna be real biker. To all you asking to join these guys you all need to go to the nearest club house with your girl friend and let them all do her in her but and then pay a 35 dollar app fee and fill it out also you have to have your GED or HS Diploma. I was going to join but decided to join the maffia instead but am thinking about joining both anyway.

    Sorry to any real 81 or real bikers don’t mean to offend you but, these idiots ask some dumb ass shit.

  95. anonomous says:

    why would a husband of 20 years leave their familyto join a club of wanna be.

  96. k.c.fletcher says:

    Does anyone remember. Kenneth Charles Fletcher?

  97. Guns Cleveland says:

    Real men dont off themselves or fuck fags. Pasavick was soft and so is Margroff. You could learn how to recruit from Charley. Adios.

  98. Anonymous says:

    bandito nomads at antique meet in weason in july.
    A little over a week ago a mongol nomad seen in toledo.
    thought i would let you know.

  99. im lookin for my cousin danny stone can someone tell him id like to hear from him just got out of prison last tim i seen him call me at 304 964 1937 ok ok thanx Clev . chapter

  100. MH says:

    My husband, just had his jack daniels special edition chopper stolen from parma yesterday. I know its a long shot to find any part of it, let alone the bike not dismantled – but he is an Army veteran with two tours to Iraq since 9/11 & this was his first bike, & it was perfect for him – he is devastated.

    Any pointers on where to look or how to track it down, cops don’t seem to be much help.

  101. Blue says:

    What happened to Pete Wilson who had been an Animal on east 200th street projects in 1967, married to Gina Onderdonk and with 2 girls Skye and Dawn? Supposedly he became a HA and then he was found dead from a fire in his house. What really happened to him. Was he an Animal? A HA? Was it a drug over dose or a murder? He lived in projects on 200th street in 1966 1967 1968 and then Kipling street in Collinwood and than somewhere on St. Clair. In the house that burned. Was he a well liked man?

  102. bobby k says:

    the hell angels looked out for my grandmother for years her name was rena jankins and she know whitey for a long time i was wondering how can i join you guys bobby

  103. teresa says:

    about 2 years ago i left a message on here and got an answer and i no its the club on edna and 67street but i was wondering about if gypsy was still with them or if he died he has a son that he doesnt no about and is looking for him my mom road with you guys and did my grandma my moms name is inez and my grandmas name is anna i want to meet gypsy or at least talk with him i dont wont it to be annomous i need a name of whom im talking with or a number so i can call or an email address

  104. Littlegypsygirl says:

    Don’t even know how I found this little blog, I was raised by 1% after I ran away from fostercare back in the eighties. I traveled to Ohio and met my sister and we moved to Cleveland. We had a blast!!! I have been in that house on Edna St. I wasn’t mauled I wasn’t forced to do anything I didn’t want to do. I wasn’t coerced with here’s a piece of candy little girl. You know reality is if you put yourself in arms way danger will find you. I have been around the block as I will turn 50 this year and these men and women who come and go through those doors are real people. They have real lives the only difference between them and us is they are held by a code of honor that says they are the 1%. Personally if it were me and I had to choose, Id pick them to be on my side any day of the week. God Bless the Brothers and Sisters on Edna St.

  105. angel baby says:

    I am looking to connect to my family
    matt snake Frank ray tee tee fran among other HA who was there for my mother wanda carter who lived on Edna’s ave in Cleveland Ohio baby girl and family needs help.

  106. bear says:

    ran into many angels on Ohio roads in the 80’s, never had any problems good people . you give respect you get it back. cannot ride.Disabled in2005 great people in the angels! miss riding the Harley

  107. mary m says:

    I have no idea if anyone can help me its bin 20 yrs since ive bin around anyone in a major mc gang I was young .Heres my problem all I ask is PLEASE let me no if youll help me. I have 3 wonderful kids my 2 little ones have some problems but you wouldn’t know it if you meet them ,I came to find out “and my daughter told them in court that I didn’t know” had I knowen lets say id be spending life in jail anyway sorry I found out my ex was sexuly assaulting our daughter for quit some time children sevices removed my kids the little one july 13 ,2012 there dragging there feet now im not racist but my case worker I had in the beginng straight said if you were blk you wouldn’t be were your at the kids would be home.They didn’t let me see them for 7 months they were held at Gun point twice in one day at the house cps put them in theve lost my son seizure meds 3 times theres just so much to much to put up but can explain. Altametly what id like to no is there anyway a MC really can be done asking for justice to be done to my and my daughter get the justice she deserves I no everyones heard of the BIG RED rape case I live in the same town they do NOTHING to rapests here at all and they keep saying I cant have the kids back till somethings done to my ex its bin 9 month they’ve done nothing not even arrested him .Im sorry I put up so much but I need help im a strong woman I can handle a lot but my kids souldnt have to suffer do to the cops ,cps ,and a court system that Don’t work. The atty I was appointed well need I say more and I cant afford any more legal fees. My # is with my address .Thank you for listening and I wish all of you safety . Mary

  108. Skipper says:

    If your still looking for Ko Ko he was on the news today…
    Sara Says:
    May 20th, 2012 at 2:55 am
    Im looking for a club called “executioners” out of Cleveland, specifically looking for a guy named Ko Ko. Anyone know of him?