Ladies of Detroit Ave.


With the gun months of summer coming to a close SGS thought it was time to acknowledge who we believe to be our city’s roughest and toughest residents. The greatest myth perpetuated by mass media is that the fashion of ferocity is a floor length White-T accentuated by a semi-automatic accoutrement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The most fearless and ferocious lot in Cleveland is armed only with hand bags, hosiery, and an inviting smile. With the poise and grace of a celestial bullfighter the Ladies of Detroit are capable of simultaneously handling marauding vice patrols, confused suburbanites, and the occasional gentleman suitor. They are quick witted, fashion forward, and ready to catch you slippin’. So if you think your flex is the best, think again and bring it to the West, the Ladies of Detroit are waiting.

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2 Responses to “Ladies of Detroit Ave.”

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