Hot Sauce Williams


When you have an out of town guest visiting Cleveburg you like to show them some of the great sights around town. SGS makes sure to point out the classics around town like the Wolf’s Den, the West Side Market, and of course the Geijin Ryu Minjutsu Academy but most important is introducing travelers to the Polish Boy.

Since the Polish Boy is a bona fide Cleveland invention no one can ever lay claim to doing it better than us. This is why a visit to Hot Sauce Williams or Freddie’s is a must. Hot Sauce’s Polish Boy has received a lot of praise in the last few years. Click here to view a video of Anthony Bourdain’s visit to this Cleveland classic.

Our Irish born friend Colin Gallagher now residing in Hong Kong enjoyed his plate of food and hopefully he is still full as he travels back home to brag about how he conquered the Cleveland Polish Boy.



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